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Duchenne Awareness Day


Join us September 7, 2018 as we recognize Duchenne Awareness Day.


How does one participate in Duchenne Awareness Day? IT'S SIMPLE! First, head to your local dollar store and purchase a RED BALLOON. Carry that balloon every where you go! When people ask, "Whats with the balloon?" You can respond, and in turn bring awareness to Duchenne, its that easy! 

*Don't forget to post a picture and tag us on social media with all the places you take your balloon and share our story that day, we love to see it!

Are you a teacher or parent to young kiddos?  Are you unsure about how to talk to them about Duchenne? Do you want to help them better understand why people might be carrying a Red Balloon on September 7th? Download and follow this FREE lesson plan to help your kids gather a better understanding of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and teach them about true strength! Click the link below!

The Red Balloon: Duchenne Awareness Lesson &Activity


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