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"Being an independent production company means you can choose your clients and the messages you're spreading. So proud to share a video we produced for MDA Arizona chapter's annual fundraising Gala. If this story doesn't move you, you'd better get checked for signs of life. How one family has turned devastating news into a message of hope. Meet The Krieger Family.."  -Paint it Black TV 

Thank you to the MDA ARIZONA for a beautiful evening and setting for us to share our story , and for all your tireless efforts and support!

The most compelling thing about that evening was not the generosity, or our video. It was what I witnessed as the video played. In my direct eye-line was a young man, 26 years of age, with Duchenne. As he watched the video, I watched tears fall from his eyes. As if those tears weren't enough to make my heart ache, and my own eyes swell; I then watched his caregiver gently reach over and wipe the tears running from his cheeks because he could not lift his arms to do so himself. I hated watching that, it makes me sick with sadness, and anger. Why, why does he have to cry about Duchenne? I hate you Duchenne, I hate that you make young men cry, and then, as if thats not enough, you take away the ability for them to even wipe their own tears. It's in those difficult moments, the ones that fill me with such sadness and anger, that reassure me that we made the right decision. That all this time and energy we've invested already in this non-profit is so worth it. It's not just for Fritz, its for the young man I watched cry that evening. It's to help bring strength to all those boys and families finding themselves with tears, because of Duchenne.