Crossfit Vibe Gives Strength to Duchenne

A couple months ago, we had someone reach out to us via our 'partner page,' inquiring about hosting an event at her Crossfit Gym in Costa Mesa, CA to help raise money for Duchenne. So on May 18, we packed up and drove over to Cali to meet a group of people we've never met before to share our story, and help bring strength to Duchenne. Jenny, the woman who initially contacted us, put on a successful event with over 60 participants. She sold shirts with the Gym's logo, as well as Fritz&Friends, and also asked for donation. Because of Jenny's strength, initiative, generosity, and selflessness we were able to raise $2,000 in just one Saturday morning. The money raised will be given to research in efforts to bring strength to Duchenne via a form of medicine and/or therapy to better the quality of life for those living with Duchenne. A big thank you to Jenny and Crossfit Vibe for using their strength to bring strength to Duchenne!